We're committed to boosting your brand growth from the inside-out with strategic communications, marketing & operations management.


Our #1 goal is helping you THRIVE!

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Authenticity, Empathy, Social Impact & Measurable Results

are at the forefront of each and every client collaboration.

We want to see your vision come to life as much as you do!

Our dynamic and seasoned team values the individual talents and passions of each of our clients and delivers customized support to meet

their unique needs. 


Our clients thrive in the entertainment, lifestyle, start-up,

non-profit and bureaucratic industries. 

Our promise: We educate. We guide. We empower. We strategize. We equip. We communicate. We meet you in the middle. We get the job done. 


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Cheryl Grace

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Call Me Ace

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RiseUP For Arts

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Independent Trust

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Making your vision come to life requires many moving parts. We get it!

Our creative strategy and operations management services provide the essential building blocks needed to improve the infrastructure, cohesiveness, engagement and longevity of your brand.


Creative Strategy





Operations Management






You're growing or launching a new project.

 (We love pouring into creative ideas and being a part of the GROWTH PROCESS!)

You're experiencing "analysis paralysis" and need expert guidance on next steps. 

You don't have enough time to create AND execute strategies that work. 

You KNOW your vision is possible but you're overwhelmed with HOW you can bring it to life.

You're passionate about using your brand to build a legacy that helps others in some way. 

You only want to work with a team that UNDERSTANDS and believes in your vision as much as you do. 

Frequently Asked Questions

What can I expect from working with BRVC?

If we work together, you can expect impactful results and enthusiastic energy in the form of focused, personable, supportive, transparent, innovative and professional work. We want to invest our expertise in your growth process because we want our clients to produce their best work. We cater to what you need to grow your idea and expand your brand. Whether you’re looking for an expert to bounce ideas or a professional touch to polish what you’ve already built, we’re here to help.

What can BRVC do for me?

We like to collaborate with individuals and organizations who ambitiously want to grow their reach, awareness, and impact. We believe that building a brand of any kind is non-linear and that open-mindedness is a necessity. Our approach is multi-layered with the intention to help you scale your brand. Our framework includes creative strategy and operations management--both of which complement each other in order to build a solid foundation for our clients to perpetually soar. Every client is different and may not require all of the services we offer but our approach is always holistic--regardless of your priority. By working with us, you’ll gain team players and experts who are committed to meeting you in the middle and gaining results. You got the vision. We got the strategy & tactics. Partnering with us gives you the freedom and time to focus your energy on creating your vision.

Who does BRVC work with?

Historically, our clients have been business owners, creatives and entrepreneurs in the entertainment, lifestyle, start-up, non-profit and bureaucratic industries. While each client is different, they all have a dedication for serving others--and we love that! We’ve worked with clients in North America (particularly Northeast, Southeast and the West coast) and Europe (Germany). We’re always open to collaborating with diverse people and organisations local to our hotspots and beyond.

What distinguishes BRVC as an agency worth working with?

We understand that by working with passionate people who are committed to their ideas, we have a responsibility to do our best to help our clients bring their visions to life. We have worked with more than fifty brands and, more importantly, most of our clients work with us for longer than six months because our holistic strategy, transparent and empathetic approach makes them feel confident in having us on their team. We have the ability to work on-site or virtually anywhere--either way, we are a team player. We hope that all of our prospective clients spend time getting familiar with our firm so that they can share our confidence when making their investment decision. To see more from BRVC and get a better feel of what we believe and how we like to operate, see our blog, podcast, or go to @brvisionaryconsulting to see our Instagram Live TV series ‘Real People, Real Brands.’

How does BRVC measure success?

The results of creative strategy and operations management are different for every client. Some are more tangible than others. That’s why part of our process of starting any new project involves outlining key performance indicators (KPIs) that are consistent with your objectives. This way there is a clear mutual understanding of what to expect from our collaboration.

How do I book your services? How does the process start?

The first step in working with BRVC is for you to decide if you’re looking for a short-term (less than 3 months) or long-term (at least 6-12 months) collaboration. Short Term Collaboration ($250 - $1500/one-time payments): Short term collaborators should explore our Consultation/Strategy Call and Workday Session options. Long Term Collaboration (Starts at $3500/month): Examples of potential clients who we feel would fit well with a long term collaboration includes:

  • Brands with a defined budget
  • Brands with specific goals in mind
  • Brands who are preparing for a particular launch and want to elevate their growth process with a team of experts
  • Brands who want to amplify their existing efforts and maintain momentum
Organize an outline or plan for what our work together will look like After the call, we send you a proposal which aligns with your budget and a contract for our partnership. Then, the work begins.


BRVC is simply amazing. It's always a scary thing when entering a business with someone new. From day one BRVC had a confidence that made it less scary.

For that, I thank them. 

~ Dafina Morris
(Founder of Power In Pink)