Goal & Objectives

  • From April 4th to April 7th Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum production company, The Breed Entertainment, hosted The Breed Weekend—the first a 4-day event that bridged gaps in Connecticut’s entertainment scene

  • The event was created so artists, funders, media personalities and playmakers could make new, genuine connections; as well as earn a greater appreciation for Connecticut's entertainment scene, motivation and practical resources for elevating their brand/career

BRVC Approach 

We used an integrated branding, marketing and public relations communications plan to accomplish brand goals and objectives within a 1-month campaign. BRVC collaborated with The Breed Entertainment to connect brand values with artists, tastemakers, funders & industry veterans in Connecticut's entertainment scene; as well as brands that align with the lifestyles and progression of urban communities. 

Impactful Results & Milestones  

  • The multi-day event generated over 450 attendees 

  • Received sponsorship from Shine Papers, Connecticut Office of The Arts, Audiomack, Martell USA, Single Mom’s Alliance and the City of New Haven

  • Received vendor support from local brands: Kenzie Kare, Concreat, Z For Everybody & Typsy Gypsy

  • Earned 200,000+ impressions and 20,000+ engagement activity on Instagram

  • Earned media coverage from Incline Magazine, CT Breakthrough, Power of Connecticut & IGASTT Podcast (estimated 20,000+impressions)

  • Developed messaging for promotional video that was featured on mobile advertisement 

  • Received attendance and involvement from influential experts familiar with funding Connecticut artists, the art of DJing, record labels/music industry, content producers, management and music producers. View details here.