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2021 Beauty Campaign Trends with Glossier, L’Oreal, Rimmel London & More

With the mass amount of people on social media, it is no surprise beauty brands are turning to digital forms of media to showcase their latest products.

For those in the beauty biz looking for inspiration, here are some of the top beauty campaign trends in 2021. And for those looking to up their style this summer, stick around for the top beauty trends in 2021!


In this video, Glossier has partnered with 8 women from the WNBA showcasing their newest products, the Body Hero Exfoliating Bar and Dry-Touch Oil Mist. You get to see the daily morning routines of these 8 WNBA stars, starting with how they get out of bed to how they get ready for their day ahead. Each of them uses and reacts to the Body Hero Exfoliating bar and Dry-Touch oil mist during their morning routines.

This is an excellent example of influencer marketing because these WNBA stars are influential to young women. Showing a diverse group of women using Glossier products allows the consumer to see Glossier as a brand for everyone. Through storytelling, we see a raw inside look at each of their lives while Glossier promotes the launch of their newest products.


Function Of Beauty

This beauty brand offers fully customizable shampoo, conditioner, body wash, and other products based on a quiz you take. Having a quiz with customizable options tailored specifically to the consumer is genius. This is great marketing because they aren’t just targeting people with a certain hair or body type, they are including everyone with their vast customization.

What Can You Learn:. Creating an element of your business that is customizable and personal to your audience shows them that you care about their individual customer experience.


Rimmel London

Rimmel London had launched a marketing campaign titled Live The London Look, in which the goal was to inspire people to be themselves. This short video features multiple beauty influencers describing why it is important to be YOU! This was a brilliant idea because through storytelling, Rimmel London was able to give you an inside look at these influencers and why they think it is important to be yourself no matter the situation.


Bleach London

The pandemic has not made it easy for anyone, especially hair salons. Fret no more, Bleach London has pivoted and created a virtual hair salon to make at-home hair maintenance a breeze. Bleach London’s ability to create a place for people to chat about hair with people that work at Bleach London was brilliant.

Bleach London was able to find a pain point with the massive change in the world and make something amazing out of it.



Much like Bleach London, other brands have pivoted to a virtual environment. L’Oreal launched a virtual make-up line through the use of filters. Getting innovative is one of the many things this pandemic has forced us to do, and L’Oreal nailed it. The filters are compatible with Snapchat, Instagram, and even Google Duo - allowing you to try out their looks without having to apply any of the products.

Now that we have covered some of the top beauty campaigns, it is time to talk about top beauty trends in 2021. These trends can be used to level up your beauty biz or just to step up your style game this summer.


One of this year’s trends has been skinimalism, aka the no-makeup makeup look. Here are a few tips on Byrdie from celebrity makeup artist Erin Ayanian if you want to rock the skinimalist look this summer!

💅 Ditch Foundation - Erin highlights the importance of ditching foundation and using a daily microfoliant instead to get your skin glowing.

💅 Conceal Smartly - Use a small flat brush for any spots and pat with your finger to cover dark circles. And she recommends you top it all off with some translucent powder in your T-Zone.

💅 Eyeshadow Matched To Your Skin Tone - Pick a creamy eyeshadow close to your skin tone to get that bright awake look in your eyes!

💅 Apply A Lighter Shade In The Inner Eyes - To further this look, Monroe says to apply a lighter shade on the inner corner, and blending it outwards will “wake you up faster than a shot of espresso.”

💅 Groom Lashes and Eyebrows - Monroe highlights the importance of a good eyelash curler, using mascara only on the top lash, and brushing your brows up.

💅 Cream Blush vs. Powder - A cream blush will emphasize the glow, imagine where your face blushes after exercise as a starting point on where to apply.

💅 Lip Tint and Highlighter - Don’t skip on some highlighter on the cheekbone and adding a tint of color to your lips to complete the natural look!


Bold Lipstick and Colorful Eyeshadow

Bold is making a BOLD comeback after all of us have worn minimal makeup and masks for so long. Here are some of the top beauty influencers pulling off these looks.

Rowi Singh, is tying both bold lipstick and colorful eyeshadow together.

MakeupShayla is seen rocking the colorful eyeshadow in almost all of her feed.

Shreya Jain, a beauty influencer who focuses on makeup tutorials, ties together skinimalism with a bold colorful blue eyeshadow.

Let us know your favorite beauty campaign this year and if you have incorporated any of these beauty trends into your style!

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