Brands That Inspire: International Men's Day

Did you know that November 19th is recognized as International Men's Day?

Originally celebrated in February, International Men's Day seeks to celebrate men's contributions to society, organizations geared towards the enhancement of men and boys, as well as reshape the stereotypical view of men in our culture. Past themes have included "Stop Male Suicide" (2016) and "Positive Male Role Models" (2018).

This year's theme is "Better Health for Men and Boys."

Celebrate this day by:

🎯Donating to men-centered charities and non-profit organizations

🎯Supporting a man-owned business

🎯Encouraging a male loved one to prioritize his wellness (including his mental health)

🎯Show a young boy positive male images in media

Check out the men-owned/ men-centered brands that we admire below:

Gary Vaynerchuck (VaynerMedia, Vayner X)

We LOVE Gary Vaynerchuck! He's probably our team's favorite man in the industry. He's knowledgeable and personable--making complex strategies seem attainable for even new business owners.

We especially love his content strategy of reusing and repurposing content to make new content.

Check Out His Video "How To Make 100 Pieces of Content In A Day." 👇

For Hims ( Men's Wellness Platform & Subscription Box )

For Hims is a men's wellness brand that provides free mental health support groups, supplements, and even at-home covid testing kits.

(Read Their Article about Men's Health Organizations Here).

Real Men's Charities Inc.

Real Men Charities Inc. "will promote male involvement, education, outreach and advocacy on food resource, healthy eating, healthcare and public policies on

these issues."

It's so important to have a diverse network filled with people from various socio-economic backgrounds, ethnic backgrounds, genders, etc.

Join The BRVC Alliance Network for such a community.


This month's focus: Finishing 2020 Off strong & Getting Ready For 2021!

Once you become a member, you'll be able to register for the Zoom link.

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