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BRVC Business Basics: 5 Books To Read Before You Start

Are you considering starting a side hustle, a freelancing career, or a full time business? Consider reading these five books before you start.

Every business owner knows the importance of proper money management. You need to budget, save, and plan for the future. Financial Starter Kit will teach you about personal and business finance practices including high yield savings accounts, budgeting, and emergency fund building.

Rochelle Graham-Campbell is the genius behind RG Business University and Alikay Naturals. She encourages young business owners to strengthen their time management skills, map out their goals, and take action on their goals.

Creative, Inc. The Ultimate Guide to Running a Successful Freelance Business promises to teach all kinds of creatives how to generate leads, market themselves, and protect their art/services with legal action.

Steve Mariotti is an author, founder, and professor. He’s co-authored over 34 books, founded programs for teaching inmates entrepreneurship, and continues to teach a new wave of young entrepreneurs.

Nick Loper is the self-proclaimed Chief Side Hustler at Side Hustler Nation--a diversified brand with a newsletter, podcast, and a blog. He encourages people of all ages to consider creating something from nothing and steering their own financial journeys.


Need assistance starting your side hustle, freelancing career, or a full-time business? Schedule your FREE 15-minute Discovery Call TODAY on our CONTACT page.

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