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Celebrate Yourself & The Holidays

Updated: Dec 17, 2020

*UPDATE: An article we outsourced has a broken link. We've updated this blog with a new outsourced article on celebrating in your business.

Hey Go-Getters,

Have you ever considered incorporating celebrations into your content strategy? You should. For starters, people are more likely to spend money during a holiday or celebration--even the made-up social media holidays.

Here are some celebration tips:

🎊 Start Every Day With Gratitude. Write down 1-3 things you're grateful for before you check your first email.

🎊 Get Inspired By The Wins From Others. Stop getting intimidated by others' success and start allowing their wins to help shape your goals! Ultimately what's for you is for you, but it's nice to have an outline 😏.

🎊 Treat Yourself. It's important to have daily, weekly, monthly, and quarterly "treats" for yourself. You can buy new content creation equipment, set your phone on 'Do Not Disturb' for an hour----the world is your oyster.

🎊 Share Your Wins. Stop playing small on social media and in real life. No, you didn't "just do a thing." You worked hard and it paid off. When you allow yourself to play big, you encourage others to do the same, and anyone that demands your shrinkage needs to be removed from your network anyway.

Remember even the small wins are wins.

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Printful encourages brands to celebrate the holidays with storytelling, content strategy, and personalized advertising.


Elizabeth Pace outlines different ways to celebrate your business for Practice of

Celebrate yourself, your wins, and your community this holiday season!


Need help planning your celebration campaign? Schedule a FREE, 15-minute Discovery Call TODAY.

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