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Give Back By Supporting Small Businesses

This year, it would be incredibly easy for us to focus on the negative. Furthermore, it would be valid. Many of us have lost our jobs, our loved ones, and our sense of normalcy.

However you choose to show up for yourself at this moment, is enough.

In the spirit of Thanksgiving, we're practicing gratitude. We're still here--showing up for our community as best as we can, and that alone is something for which we are grateful.

We’re thankful for all the small businesses that have fought to provide quality services and products to keep the world moving.

If you can, please continue to support small businesses by:

🖤 Ordering take out/curbside pickup

🖤 Buying gift cards

🖤 Ordering from their online stock

🖤 Buying tickets to their virtual events

You may not be able to support them by shopping, but you can still give back to small businesses.

Here's How You Can Support Small Businesses For Free:

🖤 Share their social posts

🖤 Leave a comment on their posts

🖤 Leave a review on Yelp or on their website

🖤 Subscribe to their email list

🖤 Barter services

🖤 Follow them on social media

Happy Thanksgiving and remember to #supportsmallbusinesses!


If you own a small business, please visit our blog post with COVID-19 Resources.


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