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Give Your Content A Boost With Canva

Is content production taking too much time away from your business?

🎯 You don’t know what to make...

🎯 You hate designing graphics and writing copy...

🎯 The graphics never quite look up to par...

Have you considered using Canva? It’s a beginner-friendly graphic design app with templates and inspiration for anything from Instagram posts to Youtube thumbnails.

THIS IS NOT A SPONSORED POST! We actually use Canva for social media graphics, our newsletter header, ads, blog-ready graphics, and ultimately to save time in our content production process.

As a part of our #BRVCBusinessBasics and #BRVCGreatGive campaigns, we're diving into all things Canva!

Here are some of our favorite features:

The Correct Sizing

Canva allows you to make content with the exact aspect ratio for whichever platform you choose. For example, you can turn in-feed Instagram graphics to in-story graphics within minutes.

The Content Planner

This is a new feature under the paid Pro and Enterprise Plans. It allows creators to make content and post directly to their Facebook pages, Facebook groups, Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, LinkedIn, and more. You can post right away or schedule posts in advance.

Dynamic Content

Let's face it, no one wants to read text-heavy posts on social media. Canva allows creators to turn basic text graphics into gifs, add audio, photos, and video. You have the opportunity to create truly dynamic content to enhance your consumers' experience and therefore enhance your engagement.

Template Inspiration

If you truly can't come up with an idea for your content, there are tons of templates for whatever you're designing. From resumes to pins, Canva has got you covered. Use templates as a starting point and add in your brand materials.

You can even make your own templates for your brand's social content.


The Pro and Enterprise options allow creators to add team members and make multiple folders & brand kits for various projects. You can keep your colors, fonts, and logos all in one spot for all your different brands. Don't worry-you still have access to a brand kit in the free version!

Happy Content Creating, Go-Getters!


Need help figuring out your content strategy?

Download our Power of the Pivot toolkit that includes a content production worksheet and a webinar with content production advice from our founder, Brianna Régine.

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