#GrowwithBRVC: How Podcasts Can Benefit Your Business in 2021!

Have you considered producing a podcast on behalf of your brand? According to spinsucks.com, it might be a great idea to add a podcast to your business' overall content strategy.

What Are The Benefits Of Producing A Podcast?

You've got more time to express your value. A podcast show, like a blog or YouTube video is considered long-form content. This means you have more time to express value, as well as educate, or entertain your audience.

You can establish yourself and/or your brand as a 'thought leader.' A podcast is a great way to build a personal brand or establish trust in the person behind your brand. You can provide your unique value while educating and/or entertaining your audience.

Connect with fellow business owners and professionals in your industry. You can build your network by inviting your peers or insightful leaders to be guests on the show.

Direct 'qualified leads' to your website. Think about it this way, not everyone in your target audience uses social media. A podcast show allows your audience to find you and follow you back to your website.

Key Concepts To Consider:

The article outlines concepts to consider when producing a podcast on behalf of your brand.

Consistency Is Key. Release your show at the same time and day, on the same schedule.

Whether or not you have guests on your show, depends on your goals. Guests can provide unique insight, create opportunities for cross-promotion, and offer a natural, conversational tone of the show.

However, the One Stone Creative report that the article profiles, says:

"This doesn’t mean that you have to have guests, of course. If your show is highly educational or developed specifically to build your own personal brand, you may elect to do it solo or with a co-host rather than sharing the spotlight."

What Tools Do We Use To Produce "The Brand Unveiled"?

Anchor FM: We use the Anchor app to record our show, find & record ad sponsorships, AND distribute our show on all streaming platforms. You can use Anchor to edit your podcast as well, but we use Garage Band.

Headliner: We use the Headliner app to repurpose & promote the podcast across our social media channels. Headliner also allows us to add captions to ensure that our content is accessible.

Listen to our podcast, "The Brand Unveiled", on all streaming platforms.

Where Do We Get Content Ideas For The Brand Unveiled?

At BRVC we like to create yearly, monthly and weekly content campaigns, meaning that every piece of content that goes out in one week has a sub-theme that fits into the overall theme of the month, and therefore the year.

We create these campaigns based on what our audience needs.

This year our campaign is #growwithBRVC. So we're focused on creating content to help our audience grow their businesses either by reevaluating their operations, creating online campaigns, sharing their message with public relations tactics or launching brand assets like webinars, e-books, and podcasts.

This week is all about helping our audience determine if a podcast would benefit their businesses, providing them with tools to create engaging audio content (and repurpose it), and highlighting our favorite Black podcasts for Black History Month.

You can follow along and #growwithBRVC on our Instagram

You can determine your topics by asking your audience directly and taking note of what content gets the most engagement. Ask yourself:

🎯 What questions do you get asked most often on a discovery call?

🎯 What are the worst mistakes beginners make? How can they avoid or fix these mistakes?

🎯What are your experiences with this topic?

🎯 Who do you follow? Who do you look up to for this top?

🎯 Why is it important to your audience?

🎯 What are key things that people aspiring to be in your position should know?

Once we determine what we want to talk about...

We research! We comb through our archives to see if we own any content on the topic. (Sometimes we find old videos that can still provide value, strip the audio from them, and upload.)

Then we search for industry trends & topics, key players, articles, and resources to share with our audience to back up our tips.

Overall, you may want to consider hosting a weekly or biweekly podcast to:

🎯 promote your business to members of your target audience who don't use social media

🎯 nurture your audience on a more personal level

🎯 establish a credible personal brand outside of your business

🎯 develop a networking platform for professionals in and outside of your industry

Check Out These Industry Trends On Podcasts!

The State of Business Podcasting In 2021, spinsucks.com

9 Podcast Trends You Can't Ignore in 2021,singlegrain.com

If you're thinking of launching a Podcast show this year, we can help!

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