How to Pivot Your Business Strategy During A Crisis

The 2020 pandemic has significantly impacted business owners around the globe.

Whether you identify as a side-hustler or full-time business owner, the current crisis has you concerned about what the future holds.

When will I be able to re-open my store?

How can I attract customers during this time?

Should I improve my online presence? What are the benefits? Where do I get started?

For some reason, I feel pressured to be productive now that I'm home more often--but, truthfully, I find productivity challenging.

You are not alone. All of your feelings are valid. And you will make it through this. We all will.

Your business CAN make it through these uncertain times, too. The financial burden, employee cuts, expenses and mental strain are weighing heavily. It may feel impossible to get from underneath it all. But don't give up quite, yet.

Exhaust all of your options. Explore all resources that may be available to you and stay abreast updates about government funding. Below is additional advice directly from BRVC founder, Brianna Regine.


Recently, Brianna chatted with MysteryGirlRadio on WPKN 89.5 FM about tips business owners can use to navigate the new normal. Listen to the interview here.

Starting at 17:51, Brianna shares insight on:

  • How to create valuable content by sharing your process

  • Why you should prioritize positioning your brand as a thought leader instead of jumping into "selling"

  • Why authenticity will help you stand out from the crowed and generate interest from consumers

  • How to navigate "pro-productivity" pressures


Before throwing in the towel, properly assess where you've been and where you're going. Do you see patterns of progression over the years? Is there fluctuating data that can be made more consistent with an efficient solution?

For example, properly analyze your books with accounting and invoicing tools that make monitoring profits, losses and cash flows easier. Here's why Brianna prefers Wave Apps.

You can also learn about more operation management essentials in The Power of The Toolkit.

We hope this information is helpful to you during this challenging time.

Remember to continue to do what you can, when you can. Be open-minded to pivoting. Prioritize your mental health. And give yourself grace.

We are sending you love, light, strength and positivity.

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