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The Importance Of Choice In Your Consumer's Experience

Updated: Feb 24, 2020

Although you can find help anywhere, sometimes the process is difficult, not cost-effective or not up to par with your expectations--and that's perfectly fine.

Not every freelancer or agency will be your ideal partner and, you, their ideal client--and that's perfectly fine too.


BUT the support you're looking for DOES exist! In today's spark of entrepreneurialism, there are plenty of options to collaborate with talented individuals of all levels to accomplish your brand goals.

From a business owner's point of view, when there are options, there is opportunity to be innovative and inspired by new perspectives. From a consumer's perspective, options show a business is willing to meet you where you are at, and therefore builds incentive to become a loyal customer. (Check Out "The Importance of Consumer Experience In The Age of Instant Gratification.")


Here at BRVC, most of our clients choose a customized package that analyzes and builds upon what they've done, creates a system of momentum to autopilot results and finds public-facing opportunities to share their brand.

However, because we've received inquiries about individual tasks and we want to help as many go-getters as possible, we've decided to offer á la carte branding, marketing and public relations services!

Currently, these services are 10% off their original price until July 6th and any purchases can be put towards the first month of a customized package. To view service details and to purchase, visit


Wait... there's more...

If you're active on our site, then you know that we've added our new Guidance Call service. This one hour call is for the business owner who is looking for feedback and specific solutions to questions about the growth of their business.

Different from a 30-minute Discovery Call that addresses how we can best collaborate with you, the Guidance Call provides insight on how you can improve the branding, marketing and/or public relations efforts in your business, at your own pace and with your current resources.

Through valuable feedback and affirmations, this call gives you that realistic guidance that you can't find on google (and that you will have for a lifetime via an audio recording.)

For inquiries, visit our FAQs or contact


To stay in the know about updated services, specials, tips and freebies that will help grow your business, join here.

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