Empower The Youth By Supporting These Youth-Led Organizations

Hey Go-Getters,

A reminder that age is just a number.

✨You can be the change you wish to see at any age.

✨You can start your business at any age.

✨You can change careers at any age.

On August 12, the world celebrated “International Youth Day!" The holiday was created in 2000 by the United Nations to highlight issues faced by worldwide youth. This year’s theme is “Youth Engagement for Global Action."

To keep the celebratory day going, this newsletter highlights youth-led/ youth-focused businesses and organizations fighting for change at the local, national, and global levels.

Local Organizations

Youth Continuum

A youth-focused organization preventing and addressing homelessness in New Haven, CT.

Hearing Youth Voices

A coalition of youth and adults "working together to dismantle systems of oppression" in the education system in New London, CT.

National Organizations

Gen-Z Girl Gang

A youth-led community platform for "sharing opportunities, bridging generational gaps' and creating spaces of mutual learning.

US Climate Strike

A national youth-led movent to fight climate change by demanding action from policymakers.

Global Organizations

Global Youth Action Network

An international network of youth-led and youth-focused nonprofits

Global Youth Justice

A nonprofit organization fighting to give second and third chances to youth in the criminal justice system.

Here’s a list of more youth-led and youth-focused organizations:

Asian Youth Act

Athena by WiSTEM

Black Young and Educated

Celebrating Differences Org

Codifying Finance

EEqual Nonprofit

Generation Ratify

Generation Vote


Global Girlhood

First Gen First

In Her Shoes


One Smile Effect

Space to Speak

Teens Resist

The Global Spotlight

Think Ocean

Women Everywhere Believe INC

Youth .for.abolition

Youth Political Assembly

We hope this roundup provides inspiration and motivation for the youth and the "youth at heart" in our audience. Age does not have to hinder you. Use whatever stage of life that you're in to tell your story and fuel your business.


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