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The Brand Unveiled Podcast: Discover the Secrets to Building a Six-Figure Business

Updated: Apr 17, 2023

So you’re scrolling through Youtube again and everyone seems to have a six-figure business. Is it really that easy? In this episode of The Brand Unveiled, Brianna shares how she felt when her business hit six-figures and invites you into her world as she recalls the challenges she had to overcome to get here. Remember, there’s no such thing as an overnight success. Focus on building systems and soon you’ll be able to enjoy the fruits of your labor, honey!

This episode originally aired on February 10, 2023. Don’t forget to Subscribe to The Brand Unveiled Podcast. Enjoy!

Brianna: Introduction (00:00):

If you are in a place with your business where you are like, I want to reach six figures, then continue listening to this episode. Hi, my name is Brianna Régine and I am a brand girl strategist. I also am the founder and CEO of Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting. And you are listening to The Brand Unveiled. So on YouTube, particularly [laugh] I see a lot of videos about how I built a six figure business or how I got my company to six figures in six months, less than 12 months. You know, 90 days. There's so many different videos putting a timestamp on the six figure achievement. And I just wanna start this episode with saying, don't feel bad or behind if you haven't hit your six figure mark in your business reaching six figures, it may seem like a lot of people are doing it and they probably are, but that doesn't mean that because you're not there yet, you're less than or you're not successful. Reaching six figures isn't easy. It actually is challenging. And if it were easy, everyone would be doing it. But despite it being challenging, it is not impossible because it's not impossible. I'm going to share with you how I got my marketing and communications agency two six figures in 2021 at the age of 26.

Six-Figure Entrepreneur Delivering Presentation
Six-Figure Branding Presentation | Brianna Régine

Brianna: Mindset (01:51):

So the first thing is mindset. In 2021, we were coming out of the pandemic and I, in 2020 I believe I still had doubled my revenue from 2019. I'm reading off of a business award that my team and I submitted the company for and I knew that I had my figures right? So from year to year, our revenue as a company has doubled specifically ever since 2019. And from 2020 we were blessed to see an increase of over like a hundred percent. We nearly, I guess we tripled our revenue from 2020 to 2021 when we hit the six figure mark, which was like awesome and such a blessing, especially coming out of a crazy, unfortunate global wide pandemic.

Brianna: Goals (03:02):

And so I knew coming out of 2020 and going into 2021 that I wanted to hit this goal. For me, this goal meant more opportunities for myself. It also meant that I could give more opportunities to others and my team and just setting myself up for the life that I want. And that doesn't involve being in the day-to day of my business. Like I love working with my clients, but there are other things that I wanna build within my business and I have to get there. And so I just knew that having more capital and cash flow could put me on a path to getting to that goal sooner. So I sat down and I remember writing on my goal list that I wanted to have a million dollar company, I mean a million dollar company. Ha, we are not there yet. That's on my goal this year, <laugh>, that's on my goal for this year. Ok. Okay. I had wrote that I wanted to have a six figure company and I believed it. I knew it was possible and I knew that I was capable. So mindset is the very first step to getting that six figure mark. If you don't believe you can do it, then who the hell don't believe in you? Make it make sense. Two plus two has gotta equal four. Okay, in your mind and when it comes to that paper, next, okay,

"For me, this goal meant more opportunities for myself. It also meant that I could give more opportunities to others and my team and just setting myself up for the life that I want."

Brianna: SMART Goals (04:38):

So tip number two is I use smart goals and I spoke about this in the last podcast episode, but I literally said for the S, which is specific, I wanna make six figures by December 31st, 2021. And I worked backwards from there. But particularly how I even got to the six figure mark is in the process of me working backwards, I had to determine, okay, how many sales do I need to make?

Brianna: Working Backwards (05:12):

What kind of packages do I need to sell on average right now? What is my monthly revenue from my clients? How many more clients do I need? Do I need to raise the prices for any of my clients? What kind of services do I need to sell, right? Do I need to sell more consultations? Do I need to sell more done for you services? What are the vibes? So those are like measurable KPIs, right? I also had to assess if this was achievable and realistic. I knew it was achievable and realistic because I had paid attention to the revenue growth within my business from previous years, particularly in 2020 and 2019. And I noticed that the revenue was not only going up, but from 2019 and 2020 it doubled. So because of that I was like, okay, well because it doubled in 2019 to 2020 and based on the clients that I already have and you know, the adverse sales that I make a month in 2021, if I do nothing, I know in this year I'll double it again because of what happened in 2019 and what happened in 2020. So I knew that because I had a pattern of my revenue, if I implemented certain tactics, then I could take it up a notch a nd do more. So that was really helpful.

Brianna: Implementation (06:44):

And then outside of using the smarts, when that's all done [laugh], you have to do step three, which is the implementation phase. So knowing that my deadline was December 31st, I worked backwards. So even within that smart goals model, I was able to get really specific with my numbers. So if we do a hundred grand divided by 12, that means I would've had to make $8,333 and 33 cents a month in order to reach that six figure mark. Now let me tell y'all something. January, 2021, I could probably go back and look, but I know that all 12 months I was not making that eight grand. Like some months were more than that, some months were less than that.

Brianna: Budgeting (07:40):

But what I did do, which leads into my fourth step is budget. Like I budgeted every freaking week of every month [laugh], because not only did it help me stay disciplined and excited to reach my goal, but it also was helpful for me to see the numbers in front of my face so that way I wasn't aiming aimlessly and you know, undercharging myself or you know, not being mindful that no, you have these numbers that you need to meet in order to make your goal. And every month, depending on how much I brought in those numbers change, but at least I had a form of measuring where I was on the path to accomplishing the goal of hitting six figures. So I budgeted like crazy and the budget helped the implementation as far as knowing, okay, I need to pitch to this many people or if on social media, if I'm getting particular leads, I need the leads to be from this particular kind of post, or I need to send out a newsletter or I need to reconnect with previous clients, like all of these different tactics.

Brianna: Faith & Manifestation (08:55):

So that way I could put power and work behind the smart goal planning and having an outcome of six figures. Okay? So knowing that I had this goal, I had a game plan, I was implementing it, I was budgeting like crazy, truthfully this last step, step number five is like bread and butter, Polynesian sauce and Chick fil-A nugget like this one is huge. I honestly feel like inmate all the difference and that is faith and manifestation. For me as an entrepreneur and business owner, I definitely am captain with my faith like no other, like me and God, we talk every morning we talk, we have a conversation because I need to remain grounded in who I am as a person. And I also need to remember that although I make a plan in the quotations, the plan is ultimately His. And when I don't know what's gonna happen or how am I gonna come up with this money or is the goal even feasible or ugh, this client dropped out, like what am I gonna do now? Like all of that had to be relinquished to him, had to let it go, had to talk to him about it, had to let it go, and had to know that deep down inside it was gonna happen. And that brings me to the manifestation part, which is you speak things into existence. It is totally true. That's probably the only reason I feel, or maybe not the only reason cuz I worked hard, I worked my butt off. But the main reason why I even hit six figures in the first place, I literally kept saying, I'm gonna hit six figures. I own a six figure company, I'm gonna own a six figure company. And even in my talk track, like whenever I would say I'm trying to make six figures, I will correct myself, I'm gonna hit six figures, I'm gonna do it, I am doing it.

"Me and God, we talk every morning. we talk, we have a conversation because I need to remain grounded in who I am as a person."

Brianna: Hitting 6-figures (11:08):

That goes so far farther than you think. And with these five steps, I was able to hit six figures within my marketing communication agency before December 31st, I believe I told my parents first definitely was in like maybe early winter, so like maybe, I can't remember if it was before my 27th birthday, I can't remember. But it was definitely giving spring September summer. And I remember telling my parents and they were proud and then I told my best friends and then I gradually told some other people and then I told my family at our annual Christmas party. And that was great. That was a, that was a really cool feeling and probably a moment that I'll never forget. So that's how I reach six figures within my business. And reaching six figures is hard. It is not easy. I don't care what anyone tells you, I don't care what the ads are and how it's positioned and you know, reach a hundred thousand dollars within 90 days and da da like girl, lemme tell you something, I'm not saying those things are impossible because again, when you look at sparkles, if you have the resources and it's just about being intentional and up leveling your strategy and your tactics to put fire under those resources that already are working so that way you can work with the foundation that you have to get to a hundred thousand dollars a month.

Brianna: It Is Possible? (12:49):

Cool, great, fantastic. I know my agency will have a hundred thousand dollars months, I know it will, but right now in definitely in 2021, I didn't have no foundation, I didn't have no systems, I didn't have the strategy. Like I didn't have the wherewithal to make that a thing. Like at that point I would've just been talking outta my ass crack. You have to be realistic about it, and I'm telling you that it is possible. It, it totally is possible. And let me also say too, in that same breath, because if you listen to it, you're probably like, okay, well what, what resources exactly do I need? For me? I was already making between four to five figure months, definitely more so on the lines of like five figure months. And it was, it wasn't always consistent in, in 2021, you know, but I knew that my average was between four to five figure months, right?

So in order to get to that six figure mark, I was like, okay, well I already, I have something, something's working for me to have four to five figure months. So what else can I do to up-level that? So that way it's consistently five figure months. And then what can I do from there to make sure those five figure months are surpassing that 8303- I'm sorry, 8,000- math. What is that $8,333? Or if I didn't hit that this month, okay, well then what do I need to do to cover it in the next month? You know, like I already had certain things in place going for my business so that way it wasn't oh, I'm gonna make, you know, six figures in, you know, before the end of the year and I only average like $150 a month, you know what I'm saying?

And even that, like depending on your business, and depending on maybe you do make only $150 a month, I don't know, maybe you do, but the smart goal still applies, right? Like you still can work backwards and figure out, okay, well if I'm making $150 a month, how am I gonna make eight grand more a month, right? Or 8,000 150 whatever it is a month. So that way I can be on track to make the six figures. And also too sometimes in that line of thinking like I don't want folks to get overwhelmed by, well come February, if I do only make $150 a month in January, how am I gonna, like where am I gonna get 8,000- $150 from? That's crazy talk, right guys? Remember that the slow buzz creates the boom. I always say that. I typically always say that for pr, but it's the same for operations and business systems too.

Brianna: Build The Systems (15:45):

If you just start the systems, the funnels diversifying your offers, like if you just start that, then you don't have to worry about starting it when it's October. You said you wanted to have six figures by the end of December, now you should have luck, right? But if you start it in January, so that way by the end of March, the end of quarter one, you're like, hmm, okay, I know what works. I know it doesn't. Now you can up level it in quarter two and maybe your quarter two will be so bombass bombass, okay, I like that it's not kick, but it's bombass. But maybe your quarter two will be so bombass that you'll make up what you would've or should've made in quarter one in order to hit that six figure goal. Do you get what I'm saying? So like, just start, just start the thing. Okay?

Brianna: Closing Thoughts (16:46):

So hopefully with those five tips y'all, you will feel confident and equipped that six figures is possible in your business. It just takes a step at a time. Make sure that your mindset is there. Make sure that you use smart goals to be super intentional about the steps that you should take. Don't forget that once you actually create the game plan, you have to implement it. Budgeting is your friend. And number five, faith and manifestation are super key. Thank you so much for watching this episode and listening. Please make sure that you subscribe to the Brand Unveiled podcast where you stream all of your podcast. Leave us a nice review, share it with someone who will find this beneficial. And if you are watching this on YouTube, make sure you like, comment, and subscribe and I'll see you next week. Bye.

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