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The Power Of The Pivot - 3 Brand Pivots In Practice

Pivot is the word of the moment. Now is the moment of revolution in more ways than one. You may be reconsidering how your business operates or how your personal brand exists in a time where connection seems lost. You may be wondering how you can still provide value to your customers.

Take this message as a sign to embrace the change in your business and in your personal lives. Change can be daunting, but it is the key ingredient to growth.

Let’s Take A Look At 3 Brand Pivots!

1. Work With What You Have

Hanifa is a Black-owned luxury fashion house. When the owner, Anifa Mvuemba, couldn’t show her new Pink Label Congo’ line the traditional way, she created a new way of presenting clothes via a digital fashion show on her Instagram Live. The show used 3D models and allowed access to the everyday social media user. Since her ground-breaking show, there have been many other fashion houses inspired to pivot in this innovative way! Read Fast Company’s article to learn more.

2. Use DIGITAL To Your Advantage

All Def Digital isn’t new to the internet. Over the years, they’ve garnered over a billion views from their innovative collection of series including, “Dad Jokes” and “Great Taste”. When they were not able to film together at a studio, due to health concerns, the cast and producers filmed zoom-hosted shows and uploaded them to their YouTube channel. Show topics have included: cast reactions to old content, debates on trending topics, and Digital Summit for creatives to network and learn about creating content online. Visit the All Def Digital YouTube page.

3. Consider The Needs of Your Community

Ethel’S Club is a “community of creative, inclusive, and inspired people” believing that ‘community is power.' They operated as a traditional coworking space, social and wellness club designed to celebrate people of color. When the world stood still, they were quick to pivot through digital memberships, virtual classes, wellness sessions, and increased use of social media to keep their community alive.


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