Top 10 Tips For Creating Engaging Copy That Converts Followers Into Customers

You’re a side hustler with a full-time gig, or full-time visionary running every aspect of your business. You stay up all night making your own content for your business because you can’t outsource your content production, yet.

But one thing is for want to create content that’s impactful, right?! Well, let’s work on your content writing.

The goal is to have engaging writing or “copy” in your content that aligns with your brand values, serves your brand goals, and caters to your audience.

Your copy should not be an afterthought. If the cool video or graphic gets your audience’s attention, the copy (in your video and in your caption on social media) is what keeps your audience’s attention.

Whether you’re writing a blog, a social media post, or an email there are 10 Key Concepts To Remember When Content Writing:

1. Know Your Audience

It’s all about knowing who you serve. You want to create content that aligns with your audience's interests, language, and social media habits.

🎯 What’s their age range? What’s their gender?

🎯 How do they consume media? Do they prefer long-form or short-form content?

🎯 What do they think about your industry?

🎯 Where do they live?

🎯 When do they go on social media?

2. Answer a Need

When you know your audience, you know their needs, wants, struggles, and desires. You should know and be able to effectively communicate how your brand can help fulfill their needs.

🎯 Are you teaching them how to do a skill that will save time, money, or energy?

🎯 Does your product help them live the lifestyle they want?

🎯 Does your product help them relax?

Hint: You’re always going to be saving your customers time, money, or energy. You want to express your product as cost-effective, convenient, and most importantly a non-negotiable need.

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3. Know Your Goals

🎯 Are you entertaining your audience to increase your brand awareness?

🎯 Are you getting to know them?

🎯 Does your blog educate them to show your brand’s expertise?

BRVC is all about creating effective content campaigns as opposed to posting content. There’s always a reason and a goal behind the content we share with our audience.

Post with intention vs. posting to please an algorithm.

4. Research is Key

Research how your audience interacts on your desired platform. Find out what content marketing pros are saying about the best posting times on each platform.

🎯 Is the blogging industry dead?

🎯 Does your brand NEED to have a Tik Tok Account?

🎯 What does your target audience search for in their Pinterest search bar?

You should often research the best practices for content marketing and writing, as well as the needs of your audience.

5. Consider the Impact

The internet lasts forever! We've seen plenty of brands experience the wrath of cancel culture. Be sure you can stand by every post, every comment, and every DM made on your brand’s behalf.

🗣 BONUS: If you are ever caught in the line of fire, take accountability and be sincere in your messaging.

Your intention is one thing but HOW your brand makes consumers feel is another.

6. Know Your Platform

“Wait, we can’t post the same content across our social media?”

You can, but it might not be in your brand's best interest.

Each online platform has its own tone, energy, content limitations, and audience. For example, the tone you might have on LinkedIn is completely different from the tone on Instagram. Moreover, the media that does well on Instagram, might be ignored on Twitter.

Learn how the audience on each platform likes to receive information. Once you do, you'll see a change in engagement.

7. Engagement Comes From Engagement

In general, but especially on social media, engagement creates engagement.

Spend some time on your business’ socials commenting, liking, and sharing content from your industry peers and your target audience.

When people are familiar with your brand, they tend to engage.

Bonus: Starting and ending your social copy with a question is a great way to get attention and encourage engagement.

8. Try Again

Don’t make your first thought, your final thought.

Draft your copy, revisit and edit your copy at least once, have someone else read it, get feedback, and then post.

If you're a solopreneur, have a friend look at your copy to avoid any errors, tone-deaf messaging, or confusing phrases.

9. Tools Are Your Friend

As much as we’d all love to post engaging content that converts followers into customers AND has perfect copy--human error is inevitable. Here are some tools to help you create that near-perfect copy.

WebFX Idea Generator



Writers Work


10. Plan The Next Move

Outline a customer journey.

🎯 What happens after they’ve seen this piece of writing?

🎯 Will there be more information about this subject?

🎯 Is there a designated place for them to find more information about my business?

Would you buy a car straight off the lot without researching? Then why do you assume your customers will buy your service or product after one social media post?

Direct your consumers to your value, so they can learn to trust you; and eventually, pay for your knowledge.

So what's your next move?

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