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What is it like to be an Entrepreneur & Business Owner?

The road to entrepreneurial success is never easy, especially in the initial stages. As a new business owner, it's natural to feel like you have to put on a front to impress your audience. But is that the right approach? Join Brianna Régine Walston on The Brand Unveiled as she recounts her journey past the five-year mark and how embracing authenticity transformed her business. Don't miss this episode to learn how being your authentic self can help you find your groove on your entrepreneurial journey.

This episode (S2 E1) originally aired on February 2nd, 2023. Don’t forget to Subscribe to The Brand Unveiled Podcast. Enjoy!

Black Entrepreneur Building A Business
What is it like to be an Entrepreneur & Business Owner? | Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting

Brianna: Introduction (00:01):

Lights, camera, action, [laugh]. Hey y'all, my name is Brianna Régine and I am an entrepreneur, brand growth strategist and the founder and CEO of Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting. I am so excited, chile, to be announcing the relaunch of the Brand Unveiled podcast. I have wanted to bring this back for the past 157257.8 years, and now we're here despite, you know, how long it took me. I first started this podcast on a whim, I would probably say maybe year two or so of my business. And it started out with formal episodes strictly based on entrepreneurship, business owner stuff. It was like a tip and advice focus with the intention of having guests on the show. And then I was also repurposing my Instagram live sessions as well, but the quality wasn't necessarily consistent. However, I do give myself a little bit of credit for putting the value that was in the content out, although it may not have been perfect, or according to a standard that I would've preferred.

When I launched the podcast a few years ago, it was, I don't know if I wanna say formal, but it was definitely a little bit more reserved in the fact of my approach for it, like the reserve version of me very, like, put on, you know, business-y, like the traditional version of what you see as businesswoman or, you know, professional, whatever that means. And I've been an entrepreneur for six years now, and I'm in a space where it's easier for me to completely be myself in every room that I go into. And if people wanna work with me or not, that's up to them. And when I was first starting, you're still getting, you know, used to certain things. It's almost as if, even if you're not an entrepreneur, if you go and work on your job, you're trying to get a feel of the space.

Brianna: Feeling Like You Have to Conform (02:47):

You're not completely like busting out all of you, jokes and all of your sarcasm and things of that nature. You're just sort of observing the situation and putting on your front, you know, your, your conformity a little bit. You know, darling, just a tad. Obviously when I go into different situations with clients or my team, or I'm speaking on panels or whatever the setting may be, different settings require different ways of communicating.

There's value in knowing when you can communicate something in one particular way and when you communicate in another particular way. It all depends on the audience, but regardless, no matter how you choose to deliver the message in today's day and age, me, Brianna Régine, it's always gonna be the same person. Always. So regardless of the audience type, nine times outta 10, I'm probably gonna crack a joke. You know, like, I am not stuffy. I am a blend of sophisticated and ratchet, you know, I just, I love that about me. And honestly, when clients and my teammates get to know me, or even when I am in an in-person environment, that's what makes people vibe with me as an individual. Or, you know, since it's a business podcast as a personal brand.

If people like you, if they like what it is that you have to say, they'll buy in. People don't buy products and services. They buy stories and personalities and narratives. So I'm in a place right now in my business where Brianna Régine is behind this thing, and you don't know it [laugh]. And I'm multi-dimensional. I'm fun. I cuss. I'm a cussuh', that's why I'm relaunching The Brand Unveiled. Finally, you know, I kept saying I was gonna relaunch it. It was definitely giving probably more September for that Spring, Summer, okay?

"People don't buy products and services. They buy stories and personalities and narratives."

Brianna: The Brand Unveiled Rebranded (05:25):

But it's finally here. And I'm excited to not only share with you my journey as an entrepreneur, but also just what it's like being a business owner past the five year mark. Even pulling from different experiences with certain clients or business situations or with my team or questions that I get asked often. And then obviously, you know, going back to my roots, which I'm very educated first. So I will have brand growth related topics, brand development, social media and digital marketing, public relations, operations management, project management, administrative assistance, team development, engagement. Like, don't worry, don't care. Like what can you do for me? What can you do for me? Like, I got you. I'll make sure that I deliver information that you can actually use on a technical level, but we're pulling back the layer. This is The Brand Unveiled.

You're gonna get the real deal. Holy feel lemon spiel of it all. Okay? And I'm excited, I'm excited. I feel like it's going to be a lot easier for me to flow darling and just get on the mic and do what I do best. And that's having dope conversations in the raw form because I believe conversation creates education. And at the end of the day, if you're gonna consume another podcast, that's probably what you wanna get: Education with some entertainment, some funny, you know, some razzle dazzle, you know? So this isn't your traditional business podcast. Don't get it twisted. Do not get it twisted. If you’re watching this on YouTube, you already see my face. I entertain myself, but I do plan to also have guests on the show, entrepreneurs and decision makers who are willing to join the conversations with me, pull back the layers, dolling like an onion, pull 'em back, and let's dive in deep into it.

Black Entrepreneur Building A Business
What is it like to be an Entrepreneur & Business Owner? | Brianna Régine Visionary Consulting

Brianna: Purpose (07:36):

There's lots to freaking discuss on the changing work world. People are living for purpose now. They're trying to find their purpose. They're trying to get to their happy moments, their joy. They ain't got time for you. You know, that traditional linear nine to five vision, aka, if they do choose to work a nine to five, you better get your company culture popping. And if you're looking to work for a nine to five situation or even building up your own business, you better prioritize company culture. Ask the right questions, okay? Set the right foundation. It matters. People also are just trying to figure out work life balance. What does that even look like? What does the personal growth look like being a business owner of being a person in a position of leadership. It's not all glitz and glamor. Honey, what does budgeting mean?

Brianna (08:36):

What? Budgeting? How do you, as an entrepreneur, budget for yourself? Pay yourself so that way you can continue to set your life up in the way that you want and go after what it is that you want. Knowing that entrepreneurship is all about taking risks. And it's a lot of this, it's a lot of that. So sometimes your financials gonna be up here and sometimes they're gonna be like down there where, what do you do? What do you do? And I hope you guys join me for the ride. I'm really excited. And make sure that you subscribe, leave a comment, share with someone who you feel is going to find this podcast empowering to them, pouring into them, reminding them that they are capable of being a bomb boss. You can do this not only because Brianna Régine told you so, but more importantly because Brianna Régine empowered you to believe in yourself that you could, will he do what? Amen.

Brianna: Closing Thoughts (09:32):

And also, I hope this podcast serves as a reminder for you in whatever kind of situation you're in, whether you are an entrepreneur or you are a decision maker, that you are always going to find yourself in situations where you necessarily don't feel ready. But God wouldn't put you in a situation that you aren't ready for. So that's what we're gonna do together. We are gonna figure this whole entrepreneurship business owner work world decision making leadership, nine to five business career 'ish out. And we're gonna do it, pulling it back by the lace to make sure you don't miss any of this bomb information. Darling, make sure that you subscribe to your favorite podcast streaming Plat streaming. Really make sure you subscribe to your favorite podcast streaming platform, new episodes, audio version drops on Monday, and the video version drops on Tuesday. So make sure you subscribe to my YouTube channel. Brianna Régine, I will see you soon.

"You are always going to find yourself in situations where you don't necessarily feel ready. But God wouldn't put you in a situation that you aren't ready for. "
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