Corporate Pioneer Becomes A Full-Time Entrepreneur & CEO of Powerful Penny

A highly sought-after executive coach and speaker committed to coaching women on how to be their best multi-dimensional selves: unapologetically fabulous at work, in love and at home.

Goals & Objectives

  • Leverage Cheryl Grace’s existing accolades & position the Powerful Penny LLC brand as a valuable contributor to the business-lifestyle space through visibility opportunities—which will prioritize Cheryl as an executive coach.

  • Bring awareness to Powerful Penny LLC’s value through Cheryl Grace’s recognizable identity via earned media (traditional and non-traditional), speaking engagements and strategic partnerships

Our Approach

On April 1, 2021, Cheryl Grace left her 25+ years of being a corporate powerhouse who transformed corporate reputations and changed the way the nation and corporations regarded Black America’s spending power and cultural influence to become a full-time executive coach committed to transforming individuals striving for next-level advancement.

Overview of Scope of Work (non-exhaustive):

Impact & Milestones

  • Two months into BRVC's collaboration with Cheryl, we met our media goals by 66%, our speaking engagement goals by 50%, and substantially improved Powerful Penny’s output and responsiveness to customers, clients and vendors.

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