The Breed Entertainment Unites CT Music Scene

The transformation of a traditional annual day party to a 4-day unification of CT's entertainment scene.

Goal & Objectives

  • On April 4 - April 7, 2019 Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum production company, The Breed Entertainment, hosted The Breed Weekend—the first a 4-day event that bridged gaps in Connecticut’s entertainment scene.

  • The event was created so artists, funders, media personalities and playmakers could make new, genuine connections; as well as earn a greater appreciation for Connecticut's entertainment scene, motivation and practical resources for elevating their brand/career.

BRVC Approach

Founded in 2009 by Grammy-nominated and multi-platinum producers—Aaron “Y-A” Rogers and Rashad “Snacks” Johnson—The Breed Entertainment is a multi-tiered production company that creates quality and culturally-driven experiences through music, as well as community and entertainment events.

Prior to 2019, The Breed Weekend was a fun day party. However, Y-A and Snacks wanted to create a different experience that would break barriers and encourage Connecticut creatives to make genuine connections that would foster more collaboration and positive energy across the state.

The BRVC team used an strategic communications and marketing plan alongside event coordination skills to strategically market, raise awareness and host a 4-day experience that included:

  • "The Plug" at the Grand Opening of the Live Room

  • Bridging The Gap (A night that combines interactive networking with a "town hall" discussion about breaking down walls and emphasizing the possibilities of success for everyone. Featured speakers include: Hot 93.7's Big Regg, Connecticut Office of the Arts' Adriane Vegas Jefferson, Chill Shump (music producer) and more.)

  • The Breed Day Party

  • The Give Back

Our collaboration with The Breed Entertainment amplified their brand values and resonated with artists, tastemakers, funders & industry veterans in Connecticut's entertainment scene; as well as local businesses and non-profits.

Overview of Scope of Work

  • Identify The Breed Entertainment's core values and mission in order to create a compelling narrative that could be shared on brand assets as well as in marketing and visibility opportunities

  • Created landing pages/websites with updated branding

  • Produced PR assets (i.e. press kits and one sheets)

  • Produced press releases and media alerts

  • Consulted on social & digital strategy; as well as media training

  • Consulted on email marketing

  • Conducted outreach and follow-ups with traditional and non-traditional media platforms; as well as for speaking engagements, appearances and strategic partnerships

  • Conducted influencer relations to raise awareness before, during and post event (on and off social media); and arranged personal packages sent to influencers

  • Created all event messaging

  • Coordinated strategic partnerships and securing sponsors for the event; as well as created sponsorship packages and marketing materials

  • Coordinated event logistics (i.e. run of show, location, set up and breakdown, budget, etc)

Impactful Results & Milestones

  • The multi-day event generated over 450 attendees

  • Received sponsorship from Shine Papers, Connecticut Office of The Arts, Audiomack, Martell USA, Single Mom’s Alliance and the City of New Haven

  • Received vendor support from local brands: Kenzie Kare, Concreat, Z For Everybody & Typsy Gypsy

  • Earned 200,000+ impressions and 20,000+ engagement activity on Instagram

  • Earned media coverage from Incline Magazine, CT Breakthrough, Power of Connecticut & IGASTT Podcast (estimated 20,000+impressions)

  • Developed messaging for promotional video that was featured on mobile advertisement

  • Received attendance and involvement from influential experts familiar with funding Connecticut artists, the art of DJing, record labels/music industry, content producers, management and music producers. View details here.

The Plug | The Breed Weekend 2019

The Grand Opening of The Live Room introduced a new “pressure-free” venue for artists to perform their music in front of a crowd that respects their craft. Artists came to "plug" in their latest music for Connecticut's entertainment scene to enjoy. Shoutout to Martell Cognac for hosting; and Audiomack and Shine Papers for sponsoring the event.

Bridging The Gap | The Breed Weekend 2019

Bridging the Gap was a night that combined interactive networking with a "town hall" discussion about breaking down walls and emphasizing the possibilities of success for everyone. Featured speakers included: Hot 93.7's Big Regg, Connecticut Office of the Arts' Adriane Vegas Jefferson, Chill Shump (music producer) and more.

The Breed Day Party | The Breed Weekend 2019

The Breed Day Party 2019 was an opportunity for creatives and beyond to come together and have a good time! Thank you to Martell USA for partnering with The Breed Weekend 2019!

The Give Back | The Breed Weekend 2019

The Give Back was a free community event for artists and creatives to give food and lifestyle essentials to locals throughout the city of New Haven. Thank you to Single Mom's Alliance for joining us and providing hygiene-care baggies. Also, thank you to the the City of New Haven for their sponsorship.

Before The Breed Weekend, BRVC also collaborated with The Breed Entertainment and provided brand development, social & digital strategy consulting and public relations to all talent within the company which includes: Aaron "Y-A" Rogers (producer), Rashad "Snacks" Johnson (producer), DluxB (producer), Randi "Kashthebreed" (producer), Slay Washington (host/MC), DJ Eazy, and BUTT3R (artist).

After The Breed Weekend, BRVC consulted The Breed on brand development as well as team development and engagement for the The Breed Academy.

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