We cannot wait to hear about your vision!

The hardest part about bringing an idea to life is getting started! 

BRVC is here to get you moving. We encourage you to build your brand at your own pace and we will challenge you to reach your biggest potential.


Let's get candid for a second.


How many times have you, enthusiastically, shared your ideas with your peers and they've responded along the lines of "Do you really think you can pull that off?" or "Ok, but don't quit your day job."

How many times have you felt so fulfilled by the thought of your ideas coming into fruition, but have told yourself "I can't do this." "I don't have time to do this." "I never finish anything so why do I think I'm able to make this commitment?" "It's too scary and unfamiliar. I'll think more about it and tackle it next week."

To give your peers the benefit of the doubt, they probably want the best for you and feel its their duty to keep a "realistic" perspective on your life and fear your passion project will put you in a place of instability. As for you, we know that ideas turned into action takes work--hard work; and that can be so overwhelming that you subconsciously make excuses for why it can't be done.


But from our experience of working with full-time, part-time and aspiring entrepreneurs, we've found that outside influences and personal insecurities cloud the keys to getting the job done-- PLANNING and EXECUTION. The concept, at face value, seems manageable, right? That's because it is! If you're looking for a hack that will immediately get your brand off the ground, increase your sales/visibility and make you a pioneer in your industry--there isn't one. The greats took the time to sit, plan and, simply, execute their ideas alongside a powerhouse team that's aligned with their goals. YOU are capable of doing the same!  


It's time for you to believe in yourself and your brand!

Collaborate with us to make the move towards success. 

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Some say it is a noble and virtuous act characterized by strength of soul and spirit, whereas others more skeptically define faith as “belief without evidence.” Ultimately, for me, “faith” is synonymous with inner trust and confidence. Thus, taking a leap of faith is essentially a personal willingness to take a chance.

~ Bridget Riepl



(30 minutes)


Ideal for "The Playmaker" or "The Dibble & Dabbler" Entrepreneur (Find Out Which One You Are Here)--You are considering a collaboration for a minimum of a month. 


A 30 minute discussion that covers:

- Your vision for your brand and your "WHY"

- Roadblocks and areas of needed support 

- Short-term and long-term goals 

- Your ideal team 

- BRVC packages within your budget 

Cost: Free


After the discussion, you'll have a better sense of:

- How a collaboration with BRVC will improve the efficiency, visibility, productivity and professional appeal of your brand

- How to optimize your budget with our offerings


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Book a discovery call if you're searching for a reliable team player to provide extra support for the growth and longevity of your brand.

Book a guidance call if you're looking for specific answers relative to your business. Low commitment. Cost effective. 

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(1 HOUR)


Ideal for "The New Kid In Town" or "The Playmaker" Entrepreneur (Find Out Which One You Are Here)--You are committed to steering the wheel in your business, but are looking for specific guidance. 



A 1-hour, solution-oriented discussion that covers:

- Your vision for your brand and your "WHY"

- Short-term and long-term goals

- Solutions to your roadblocks  

-  In-depth answers to your questions regarding branding, marketing and PR strategies

- Insight to experience when Google just isn't enough 

Cost: $65 


You should invest in this call if you would like to gain 1-on-1 insight about questions such as:

- How can I stand out among other brands in a similar niche?

- Why is branding important?

- How can I improve the consistency and uniqueness of my content on social media?

- How can I create a loyal consumer-base?

- How can I pitch myself for media, partnerships, sponsorship opportunities?

After the discussion, you'll have:

- Next step recommendations for growing your brand

- Clarity on your brand's purpose  

- An audio recording of the conversation


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Brianna was very helpful with organizing my scattered thoughts. Very helpful that she was at a computer and able to read along with me. Her tips for improving social media networking was appreciated. I would recommend new businesses to start with Brianna’s consultation.

— Shaneka, The-ComeUp.com