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#BRVCFeature: What You Can Expect From The Beautiful Business Women: Female Networking Event

Any place that offers a positive and encouraging space for women to come together, get to know each other and support career interests is necessary! That said, you can imagine that when we heard about Connecticut's BBW: Female Networking Event, not only did we buy a ticket to attend but we also wanted to share more insight about the event with our followers!

Make sure you check out the interview below and support Tasnim Rahman (CEO/Founder of TazsBeaut) and Jan'e (CEO/Founder of Junor's Journey)--in partnership with Randy from RespectRandyTV (Event promoter & Media Personality)--at their event this Saturday! Pre-sale tickets are available for $5 until TOMORROW! Purchase here. Tix will be sold at the door for $10. Men are welcomed to attend and support women at this event as well!

Congrats Tasnim, Jan'e and Randy!

(Answers are supplied by Randy on behalf of the partnership with

Tasnim and Jan'e).

(BRVC) What industry are you in?

(Randy) I'm in the entertainment industry. I'm a producer, event planner and host, and a writer. When I'm not hosting concerts, I'm working on upcoming projects. Currently, I'm producing a competition show and working on writing a movie and skits.

What is your proudest moment to date and why?

My proudest moment to date would have to be when I was featured in a music video skit for Anoyd's first single "Lucky," which premiered on Billboard and BET. We had so much fun creating that masterpiece and the idea was inspired by the movie Poetic Justice. The video came out dope.

What or who has empowered you?

My mother. I grew up watching my mother build a business of her own from the ground up. She was dedicated to her craft and was determined to get the job done. That's where I get my motivation from.

What does B.B.W. stand for?

B.B.W stands for BEAUTIFUL BUSINESS WOMEN!! I came up with that idea because I know when people first see the abbreviation they may think of something else--but it's a twist. It's an eye catcher and once you know the context of how we are using the acronym, it's right on target with the event.

What inspired you and your partners to create "B.B.W.: A female networking event"? Why only focus on CT's female entrepreneurial demographic?

My partners and I had an idea to do a female networking event to get women more noticed. There are a lot of female-owned businesses that people don't know about so we thought why not bring them all together to network and share what they have going on? We all are based in CT so we wanted to begin the focus on CT's female-entrepreneur demographic. With events like this, women are able to build relationships with others and also build clientele.

When did you feel this event was necessary?

I felt this event was necessary when I got the first text about it from Tasnim and Jan'e. They had the idea and I just helped bring it to life and connect the dots. This is something that should be done all the time for both sexes...Sharing positive vibes and connecting with one another.

​What should attendees expect to take place at the event?

Fresh air of great vibes and fun. There will be multiple vendors sharing their products. We have artists, clothing lines, makeup artists, eyelash technicians, bloggers, accountants and more. We will also have performances and an open mic for people that want to speak or perform; as well as finger foods and wine.

What can attendees expect to take away from the event?

Attendees should expect a great experience to make some connections with some powerful women. We will also have some special guest speakers that are going to share motivational stories--from women and men.

What advice do you have for women who may feel discouraged to rise above their trials and tribulations​ and go after their goals?​

Always do better than you did the day before and always stay positive. Set goals for yourself and reach your goals because the only person that could stop you from reaching your them is yourself. Never say you can't do something because you can.

Where can people stay connected with all of your endeavors?

You could stay connected with me by following me @respect_randyyy on IG, Snap Chat & Twitter. You can also follow Tasnim and Jan'e on IG at @sheistasnim and @trilldoejane.


Interested in sharing your event and/or entrepreneurial journey with us? Reach out to

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