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Publicity and Community Engagement Strategies for Creatives & Business Owners

What is PR?

Public Relations as defined by the Public Relations Society of America is a “strategic communication process that builds mutually beneficial relationships between organizations and their publics.”

Businesses & creatives can use PR strategies to:

🗣 Secure visibility opportunities in the media (interviews, articles, etc); as well as through speaking engagements, appearances and brand partnerships.

🗣 Receive media training for interviews.

🗣 Create media materials (media kits, press releases, etc).

🗣 Secure sponsors, VIP guests, and media for events.

Watch "Public Relations | Career Advice | How To Grow A Business" On YouTube!

Key Concepts To Consider

  • The PESO Model - Paid, Earned, Shared, Owned Media. PR professionals use all 4 types of media to increase brand awareness, establish authority in their industry, and maintain positive reputations for their clients. Read More About The P.E.S.O. Model Here.

  • Publicists are usually specialists, so you should consider working with someone whose specialty aligns with your business. For example, you should hire an entertainment publicist if you work in the entertainment industry!


Why is PR Important?

When it comes to running a business, it is essential to maintain a positive brand image. It doesn’t matter how many people come across your brand--if you have a negative image it will do more harm than good. A strong PR plan will ensure that your brand is being promoted positively through news outlets and will help reframe any negative perceptions toward your business.

Public Relations strategies are cost-effective ways to help your brand boost and maintain a positive reputation. Typically public relations professionals strive to gain "earned" media, which means they don't pay for placement. This helps shape a brand's positive image because it boosts the brand's credibility. Audiences tend to think more positively about businesses and creatives they consider authentic.

However, it's the BRVC philosophy that an effective promotional plan integrates both PR and digital marketing strategy, simultaneously (aka the PESO model!)

Public Relations can help businesses and creatives:

🎯 Build and maintain brand credibility and reputation.

🎯 Increase brand awareness.

🎯 Develop and maintain positive customer relationships.

Brand Awareness, Credibility, and Reputation

Public relations strategy allows consumers to view the “real” side of your brand. Paid media can sometimes be viewed as less real by consumers because it's intended to get them to buy into a brand’s product, service or influence. However, an earned media post about your brand from a news outlet is authentic, which can boost your brand’s credibility and reputation by third party validation. The goal is to foster genuine relationships with the media, so that they will share your brand (or your client's brand) with their audiences.

For example, for our client, Call Me Ace, we secured placement on for the premiere of his “Gold Cuffs” music video.

Maintaining Effective Customer Relationships

All businesses and creatives, regardless of industry, need one central thing: a loyal customer/fan base.

Customers are what make your business a business.

While PR doesn't directly correlate to sales, an effective PR strategy creates space for publicity, as well as ongoing communication with your customers, clients, and supporters. As a result, brands develop a portfolio of evergreen assets that can attract brand awareness and therefore, monetary gains over time.

What Does PR Look Like In Real Time For Creatives & Business Owners?

🗣 Announce to your fans that an album is releasing by sharing it with the media.

🗣 Release a formal statement after an incident to apologize and take accountability.

🗣 Get your personal brand booked on a podcast show or virtual event.

🗣 Pitch your beauty business to potential brand partners and investors.

🗣 Create effective messaging for your digital marketing efforts.


What's BRVC's Philosophy/Approach To Public Relations?

We believe in using Integrated PR/Marketing plans for our clients to increase brand visibility through media placements, speaking engagements, and brand partnerships.

Need Help Developing Your Brand's PR Strategy? We've Got You Covered

Are You Struggling to Secure Sponsors Or VIPs For Your Digital Event?

Are You An Artist Seeking To Get Interviews & Other Media Placements?

Do You Need Assistance Communicating Your Brand's Value To Potential Partners?

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