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How To: Use The P.E.S.O. Model

Hi Go-Getters,

It’s beneficial to have a strong media presence. Different types of media allow your brand to reach different parts of your audience. But how should you use the media? Should you pay for placement or only promote on your social channels?

That’s where Gini Dietrich’s PESO model comes in.

🎯Paid Media: As the name suggests, this is any paid media placement. This is advertising on a podcast, on a billboard, or a TV commercial spot. This is paying an influencer to talk about your product.

BRVC has used promoted content on Pinterest and Instagram to increase the reach of our campaigns for “Real People, Real Brands” and for the “Power of the Pivot” toolkit.

CodePath is giving out a $10,000 scholarship for students from minority backgrounds who are majoring in computer science. Even though this is on social media, it counts as Paid Media because the company paid Facebook for targeted ads to appear on users' timelines.

🎯Earned Media: This is the media that you earn through the press’ established audience. They’ve earned an audience and vouch for you. You earn placement by providing value for their audience.

When we pitch our clients to magazines, radio shows, and podcasts this is earned media placement. You can see BRVC's earned media on our NEWSROOM page.

🎯Shared Media: Also known as social media. Here customers can interact directly with your brand by providing feedback and receiving customer service. Shared Media is shareable media (youtube video, tweet, Instagram post, etc.) and user-generated content (where real customers share their experience with your product voluntarily).

BRVC uses Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and Youtube as our shared media.

We use these platforms to:

1.) express authority in the industry,

2.) keep our audience informed about agency news,

3.) promote new services as well as client highlights, and

4.) connect with other agencies.

🎯Owned Media: Another easy one; the media your brand owns. This can be a webinar, your website, your blog, etc. If all your social media channels disappeared today, you’d still have your ‘owned media’ as a means of communication with your audience.

Our website hosts:

✨This blog

Prospective clients, fellow agencies, and future collaborators can see past work, our services, and our expertise and WE control the messaging.


Consider this model when crafting your business’ marketing plan, budget, and content strategy.

If you need help:

🤝 securing media placement (earned) for your business,

🤝developing content (shared and owned), or

🤝 creating a promotional strategy that encompasses the whole PESO model


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