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4-Day (Mini) Digital Campaign | Dutch The Dreamer's Nomination To Perform At A3C Connecticut Sho

In the beginning of July, #BRVCClient and artist, Dutch The Dreamer, was nominated to perform at a showcase highlighting Connecticut artist at the nationally-recognized hip hop conference and festival, A3C.

Contest Rules: The winner of the contest was determined by the number of Instagram "likes" on one post on the artist's profile. One Like = One Vote. The artist with the most votes by the given deadlines within the two rounds, wins.

Within 48 hours of knowing about the nomination, BRVC helped Dutch The Dreamer leverage this opportunity and implement a strategy that would make a larger impact beyond the contest. Although our joint efforts didn't earn us the performance slot, over the 4-day voting period, Dutch earned nearly 20 new followers as well as 4.5k impressions and 2.9k reach on his submitted post. Additionally, the Instagram stories and two following posts that encouraged people to "like" his submission helped earn a total of: 4.5k reach, 6.5k impressions and 382 engagement.

Below is a walk-through of what our collaborative efforts produced.

1) Together, BRVC and Dutch gathered performance (Toad's Place, and Webster Theatre opening for Action Bronson), photoshoot and studio video footage to produce a one-minute segment that showcased Dutch's artistic growth. (Watch Below).

2) BRVC used Instagram and Facebook ads to reach more unique followers (and new potential fans). Although the budget was affordable, this method was significantly effective as it added genuine engagement and interests from viewers.

3) BRVC sent the news and a call to action to vote to internal networks, Djs and bloggers; as well as individuals with similar artistic interest.

4) We secured a radio interview with 107.7fm The Edge--one of the biggest college radio stations in Connecticut--to help promote Dutch's nomination.

5) To maintain buzz, we posted clips from the interview which showcased elements of Dutch's personality and relatability. All of our timeline and story posts included a captioned call to action that asked viewers to "like" the original submitted post.

5) We posted information about the competition on BRVC and Dutch The Dreamer Facebook and Twitter pages.

Congrats to Dutch for being recognized by an amazing organization (Yup Network, as well as Brea Simone) and an awesome opportunity provided by A3C.


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