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#BRVCBusinessBasics: How To Maintain Your Company Culture Remotely

Hi Go-Getters,

At the beginning of the pandemic, many companies were concerned about the productivity levels of their employees and contractors.

Now, months into "The New Normal," employers have had varied results from the #workingfromhome adjustment. Some found increased levels of productivity, others encouraged us to put down the zoom calls, and others realized the mental toll of blurring the lines between work and home life.

Here's How BRVC Maintains Our Company Culture Remotely:

🎯 Agendas and Reports - We have weekly agendas, "End of Day" email recaps, and "End of Week" reports

🎯 Team Meetings - We have weekly department meetings, monthly 1:1 meetings, and all-inclusive team meetings whenever possible. (And we make time to discuss topics outside of work to make genuine connections.)

🎯 Breaks - As an agency, we took a break after the death of George Floyd to allow our members to process. Rest is a priority!

Remember to be patient; we're all doing our best in the middle of multiple global crises!


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