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Go For The Launch! And Why Not Make It Free?

if you want to start, just do it

So, ask yourself--why are you waiting? Why are you putting your podcast, blog, Youtube channel, online store, or album on hold?

Repeat this five times: An idea will remain just that without action.

Often, we come across creatives and entrepreneurs who have awesome ideas but lack effective execution. We find that people may become discouraged, feel like they don't have enough time, or simply are overwhelmed by how to start.

Here's the hack: Just DO it!

Recently, we collaborated with our new #BRVCClient This Fit Life--a lifestyle blog by Kimberly Rood that strives to uplift women who happen to be mothers, and remind them of their multi-purpose identity through self-love, fitness and health conscious content.

During our discovery call with Kimberly, she expressed her goals for building the This Fit Life brand and particularly, her desire to provide valuable content that moms can use in their own lives. One of her goals was to begin releasing freebies on a consistent basis.

As a mom of three kids (all under the age of 10) with a part-time job, Kimberly felt a bit overwhelmed in terms of how to create a free product that would appeal to her audience AND that she could be proud of. She felt she had a lot of pre-existing material but she was uncertain of how to effectively package her knowledge. Can you relate?

That's where we come in!

This Fit Life Meal Prepping Tips Free Template Cover

In less than two weeks, we helped Kimberly brainstorm, plan and execute. That's right, two weeks. In a perfect world, we would've allocated more time to planning/building buzz with promotion, but we got on board with Kimberly, took the leap of faith and went for it!

In mid-march, Kimberly released her FIRST freebie titled, "Meal-Prepping, Time Saving Tips For Busy Moms," which included a free template and video that discussed three methods mothers could use on their meal-prepping journey.

BRVC helped Kimberly's vision come to life by:

- Organizing her ideas into a strategic plan that aligned with her common goal to provide information that moms could apply to their own life, on their own terms

- Assisting with the template's design

- Providing the creative direction and script for the free video

- Editing the video content

- Creating and planning content for Instagram and Facebook (pre-release, release and post-release)

- Creating a landing page for interested audience members to sign up and receive the freebie

From our collaboration, we were able to help Kimberly spread the word about her new meal-prepping materials to 1,707 Instagram and Facebook followers, as well as new audience members. Our results garnered a total of 1,490 impressions, a reach of 1,121 and on average 1.69% engagement rate per post.


To receive This Fit Life's FREE meal-prepping template and video, click here.

How can FREE content help build exposure for your brand?

- You gain new eyes on your product/service

- You can build a database of potential customers

- You have a foundation to transform lingering consumers, to customers and therefore increase the chances of making a profit

- You position your brand as a thought leader in your industry

- You build trust among your audience

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