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How To: Create Holiday Content For Your Business

Have you ever considered incorporating holidays into your content strategy? You should. For starters, people are more likely to spend money during a holiday season (even the made-up social media holidays!)`

Celebrating a holiday can serve as an expression of your brand's values and community involvement.

There are a variety of ways your brand can intentionally incorporate holidays into its social media strategy. Check out the tips below:



Don’t sleep--Facebook is still one of the leading platforms in terms of engaged users. Facebook is great for engaging with niched down communities. If your community is family-friendly try posting DIY crafts for kids. If your community is filled with fellow business owners, try sharing a lead magnet idea or a sale.

Here are some Facebook content ideas 👇:

- Discounts or sales

- DIY crafts

- Curated playlist or watchlist

- Costume contests

- Safety checklists for families

- Live videos of crafts or gift wrapping



Instagram works best with photos and video content. Regardless of your community, you’re going to want to create a quality visual component for your posts.

Here are some Instagram content ideas 👇:

- Costume contests with a branded hashtag

- Curated playlists and watchlists

- Video content for cooking holiday meals or making or holiday crafts

- Themed sales promotion

- IGTV videos about gift ideas (using some of your products or services)

As a millennial agency, we thought it best to create #SpookyStream, a curated list of Halloween movies on streaming platforms.



Pinterest serves as a traffic directing search engine. Use the search feature to test keywords

and get inspiration. Then create content that best suits your audience's searches.

Here are some Pinterest content ideas 👇:

- Downloadable freebies

- DIY crafts

- Gift ideas

- Recipes

- Blog posts

- Playlists and watchlists

- Content templates

- Coloring pages

- Content creation guides

Now more than ever, consumers want to see the values of the brands they support. Celebrate the holidays and express your values with these content tips!



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